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Mitja Šivic, coach of the HK SŽ Olimpija member team

Invitation to the preparatory camp of the Rudi Hiti Academy

  HK SŽ Olimpija together with the Rudi Hiti Academy invites Olimpija players to hockey camps, which will take place in the Tivoli Hall in August 2021 in two terms. Term 1: August 2-6, 2021, Term 2: 7 August…

Dates for the start of the new season for individual selections

Parents and players are informed about the start dates of the 2021/22 season. All players initially train in selections such as the years of birth listed below! Hockey school, dragons and toddlers (2011 and younger) start training on 23.8. 2021. Players start in equal…

Guillaume Leclerc is coming to Tivoli

New reinforcement for HK SŽ Olimpija! Guillaume Leclerc, a 25-year-old hockey player (striker) from France, comes to the Dragon's Nest. Guillaume is a French international who has played for French Grenoble and Amiens, Slovak Poprad, German Bietigheim and…


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