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HK SŽ Olimpija - Vienna Capitals, Sunday 30 January at 18.00 pm

Three-point dragons from Pustertal

Also on the second tour this week, the Dragons celebrated with 3-0. On Tuesday in Jesenice in the semifinals of the national championship, on Friday night in Brunice at HC Pustertal. Goalkeeper Paavo Hölsä locked the door for the second time this week. Today's match…

Dragons with a victory from Jesenice

In the national championship this year, the eternal rivals are already competing in the semifinals, the first semifinal match was in Jesenice, where the Dragons won 3-0. If the Ironmen want to qualify for the finals of the national championship, they will have to play in the return match on February 8…

Victory in Tivoli

The Dragons hosted the Vienna team in the 40th round of the ICEHL in the Tivoli Hall. In the clash of capitals, the Ljubljana team won 5: 4 after penalty kicks. The match was 600th in the EBEL league or. ICE for our captain Zigo Pancet and 400.…




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